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grrr, mad faces about bras June 5, 2008

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I am generously endowed, which only causes me extreme misery when trying to bra-shop.

For starters, shopping in an actual store where I try actual clothes on in front of actual mirrors is a humiliating experience for me. I much prefer to order clothing online from Lands’ End, Old Navy, and the Gap, or grab something from the clearance rack at Target without trying it on (since we are at Target so frequently, I can return on the next trip if it doesn’t fit). Of course, my clothes tend to fit shoddily.

Today I’m wearing a ruffly brown skirt I bought at the Gap recently, size XXL, which is actually a little too big in the waist and keeps slipping down annoyingly, an XXL pink cami I bought online from Old Navy a year or so ago, and an XL 3/4-length-sleeved off-white cardigan I bought at Old Navy because I spied it in a window (without trying it on).

(The cami’s straps are knotted at the top because my stupid bras come up really high on my chest. The cardigan’s wide neck, which I thought would be flattering, actually slips too far down on my shoulders, revealing bra and cami straps, annoyingly.)

Last, I’m wearing a new Gabrielle Fantasie bra I ordered and received from figleaves.com yesterday. I have another Fantasie bra– a smoothing T-shirt bra– that I like very much but I wanted to try to add a new bra to mix so I don’t wear out the original, and because the cups on the smoothing bra are so very full-covered that I have to worry a whole lot about making sure my already-conservative necklines are jacked up high enough.

I’m so, so, SO mad because it the new Fantasie bra, which wasn’t cheap, is hurting. Its the same size as my other (38G), but the top of the center gore is making a sore, red place on my chest between my breasts. When I tried it on yesterday, and again this morning before yanking the tags off, it seemed to fit fine, like my other Fantasie bra that I love so much. Of course, now that I’ve ripped the tags off and worn it all day and can’t return it, its hurting me. Also, it has a bit of the “bullet boob” shape to it.

I hate shopping in stores for bras, for all the same reasons that I hate to shop for regular clothes, plus, very few stores carry much in my size. I have tried and hated most of the crap Lane Bryant sells in its underwear department. Any department stores have a few extremely old-ladyish bras in my sizes, but, yuck. I went to a fancy-pants bra store to get my much-beloved Fantasie (Intimacy) but in that brand and size, they had only that one color and model. Ugh.

God, why do bras have to be such a trial for my huge honkers? I miss the days of my piles of colorful, simple cotton Victoria Secret DDs. Those were great for summer. I hate the complicated, beige, bullet-boob things I have to wear now.


3 Responses to “grrr, mad faces about bras”

  1. hope505 Says:

    ..”bullet boob”..*heeheehee!* what is it with that shape that’s made it endure so lonngg.. 1950’s? check. 40’s…hmm..yep. 30’s? uh-huh. 20’s..? yes! I’ll bet I could find examples, but I’m at my job.
    * : )

    I wear 2 bras at once, commonly. The cotton, single-weight stretch fabric with no padding, but with underwires. or whatever those are made of now…some space-age boning.

  2. Becky Says:

    Which Fantasie tshirt bra do you have? If you have the 4500, which is the full cup bra, I would recommend you try the 4520. It is similar, but it’s a balconette so the cups don’t come as high, and I find it gives a nicer shape. And it comes in pink! (As well as black and dark brown, so you’re not stuck with white or beige.). If you already have the 4520, please disregard 😛

    But yeah, I can sympathise with buying a bra and realising it doesn’t fit only after wearing it around for a couple days. Which really sucks when you’re buying bras as pricy as Fantasie.

  3. Mae Says:

    Hey, Becky, terrific suggestion. You are right that my beloved bra is the 4500. Which basically stops right at my neck, ha! I’m thrilled to learn the 4520 is essentially the same because the only thing I’d change about the 4500 is lower the neckline. Thanks!

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